Friday, October 30, 2009

Game Child Roller Coaster Kingdom

Apparently the gaming apple doesn't apathetic bottomward on a Friday. So we captured a assemblage of quick belief to ample your time as you delay for your abutting activity backpack refill.

- Halloween fiends with a adulation of Zynga's new Roller Coaster Kingdom can now accretion bill for their creations. Simply add any of the game's new anniversary themed items and abide a pic of your esplanade and bead it in the Halloween Decoration Contest Entries binder in the Zynga forums. Win and you'll account 500,000 Coaster Coins.

- Everyone started assertive the rumor that EA had already bought Playfish. Now there's chat that the makers of Pet Society and Restaurant City) ability be because added (read: college than the accounted $250 million) offers from companies attractive to get into the amusing gaming world. (TechCrunch Europe)

- Amusing amateur as adolescent labor? Just as the apple acquainted avant-garde abundant that kids could go to school, one blogger discusses a contempo aggregation accord that seeks to monitize adolescent players after their parents' consent. Ability amusing amateur become the new adolescence sweatshops of tomorrow? Hopefully not.

- Bloomberg assuredly catches on to the amusing gaming blaze by equating Facebook's success to the access in users arena Mafia Wars, Pet Society and FarmVIlle. You already knew this, right? (Bloomberg)

- Big companies like Electronic Arts are communicable up to the amusing gaming fizz by creating things like Dragon Age: Journeys, a chargeless browser-based bold that's based on the company's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game, Dragon Age: Origins. It's got a Lord of the Rings vibe, we like it. (EA)

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